Design Services

At John Mason Printers you will undoubtedly find that we produce the highest quality print at prices to suit every budget, but you may be surprised to learn that we can provide you with a large range of additional services.

We are committed to excelling our customers expectations and are constantly improving our technology to assist us in staying ahead.

This, combined with years of expertise at our disposal gives us an edge over others. We are focused and determined to deliver the best products and services that we possibly can, but are also friendly and approachable enough to understand and help you with all your requirements, no matter how big or small.

Creative Graphic Design

John Mason Printers provide graphic images, banners, logo design, company identities, stationery, literature and publications for all types of businesses. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality creative design, photo and image retouching, printing and web design services. We can handle all aspects of the design process from initial concept to final production. We use the latest graphic design software and have extensive design education and experience.

Website Design

John Mason Printers and their associates can provide you with a range of web based solutions for your company. From a straight-forward, cost-effective site consisting of pages containing small amounts of text, images and navigation through to using animated elements, navigations, buttons, animated advertisements, form mailers and data driven sites.

John Mason Printers specialises in graphic images for use on web pages, print media, and multimedia presentations. We create high quality graphics using the latest graphic design technology. All of the graphic images we create for web pages download quickly without losing visual impact.

As professional designers and illustrators, we create corporate identities and have expertise in retouching your current logo. We can convert print logos to the Web and vice versa.

Scanning Services

At John Mason Printers we offer a comprehensive document and image scanning service. Our scanning service covers any size from a business card up A3. If you require image scanning larger than A3 then please call us for details of this service.

Colour correction and image enhancements such as cropping, de-skew and de-speckle can be included after the scanning stage. We can scan black and white, full colour, negative, positive or hard copy.

The final process of our scanning service involves the transfer of all images and data to a suitable storage medium. We archive all of our scanning work as a standard procedure as well as supplying you with a file, depending on the finished file size you require.

Pre-Press Services

Even if you are not printing with us, you may still want to utilise our prepress services, such as; typesetting, layout, imposition, design, flatbed scanning, proofing and file preflighting, adjustments, conversions. Contact us for a quote on pre-press services.